hack2HATCH reunion (feat. highlights from the very first h2H!)

There is always something about being in a room full of tech developers that makes you feel completely at ease and inexplicably excited. It may be because of all the mental machinery working double time, churning out and testing ideas constantly (even if they appear to be drinking or just standing around). The word ‘energy’ always comes to mind when thinking back on the very first hack2HATCH in October, and it’s no different for the hack2HATCH reunion that happened last Thursday.

Tied up with Startup PH: Real Talk, the h2H reunion had the alumni from the very first h2H in Cebu, as well as other groups in the budding Philippine startup community. The guest speaker was Ricky Baizas, who is the Head of Digital Marketing for Nestle Asia Pacific. He shared much insight on digital marketing, recommended essential reading for marketing, and gave some fashion advice as well (invest in a nice suit and a good pair of shoes, our dear startup friends).

The evening was capped with h2H Founder Winston Damarillo going around the room asking the startups for some marketing tips/experience they’d like to share.

For some highlights from the very first hack2HATCH and to get a feel of how that weekend went, feel free to watch the video below:


You can also check out the h2H website and the new h2H blog.

We are looking forward to more exciting news and updates from the Filipino startup community!



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Most recently, PhilDev, together with Developers Connect or DevCon, hosted Silicon Valley Comes to the Philippines, or SVC2PH, which brought hack2HATCH (h2H) to Cebu and the PhilDev Economic Forum to Manila. Both events were very successful, thanks to the support and participation of the budding startup community in the Philippines, the observers and attendees, the media, the government and the academe, and the mentors and speakers – both Filipino and foreign, from Silicon Valley and elsewhere. The energy throughout this 4-day series of events was amazingly dynamic and “palpable,” as Luis Buenaventura, Co-Founder of infinite.ly and h2H organizer, tweeted; you could really feel the energy bouncing around the room. Stay tuned for the full video coverage of both events; we will post the links here in the next two weeks.

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